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NES Financial eSTAC Platform

I built the powerful eSTAC software to streamline the traditionally archaic EB-5 program, while unlocking a massive new market for my employer, NES Financial.

Case Study Highlights

eSTAC solved investors' and bank issues by reducing time consuming administrative tasks traditionally associated with the EB-5 process.

By empathizing with foreign investors, I saw an opportunity to build a marketplace to pair them with settlement service providers.

eSTAC currently generates $500 million per year in revenue for NESF.


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NES Financial

NES Financial is the industry leader in the Immigrant Investor Visa Program called EB-5. It allows foreigners to support US-based commercial enterprises, while attaining American residency. EB-5 necessitates banks, Regional Centers, and immigration officials to work together, stimulating the economy and granting the investor a green card.

I built the eSTAC software to automate manual tasks that commonly slowed down the EB-5 process and left banks and investors vulnerable to costly mistakes. I further identified an additional market, building a marketplace to match EB-5 participants with insurance, loan, and financial services that led to NESF amassing $500 million per year from eSTAC.

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Leading Solution

The successful implementation of the NES Financial EB-5 Fund Solution delivered outstanding results: annualized cost for all related activities, expenses, and fees decreased by nearly 3 times.


The Challenge

In the wake of the 2008 recession, accountability and transparency was top of mind for the financial industry. Banks wanted to ensure their clients were reputable. Investors wanted to be able to track every dollar they put into banks. This was especially challenging when it came to foreign capital entering the US market. As the EB-5 program progressed and more investors subscribed, it became increasingly difficult and time-consuming to manage their assets. This administrative burden was draining resources that could have been much better spent.

My challenge was in designing a solution that could simplify and speed up the process.

By empathizing with eSTAC users and envisioning their needs, I was able to build a marketplace that unlocked a massive new market for NES Financial.


How eSTAC Works

The function of eSTAC is in its name. It stands for Security, Transparency, Accountability and Compliance. I focused on those ingredients in guiding NESF to unlocking a 54 million dollar market.

When a number of new investors participates in one EB-5 program, the bank typically creates new accounts for each contributor. I saw this costly and ineffective practice as an opportunity to re-evaluate the EB-5 structure.

The key element of my strategy was the eSTAC Sub Account feature that reduces bank maintenance fees and administration work. By creating virtual partitions within a single bank account, eSTAC serves a diverse set of stakeholders individually, while uniting them and ensuring accountability.

EB-5 Sales Flow diagram

Business Development

But Wait, There's More…

Knowing that eSTAC had the potential to be leveraged into new areas, I decided to take it one step further. After completing the EB-5 program, investors immigrating into the US needed vital settlement services: insurance agencies, lenders, education providers to name a few. I saw it as an opportunity to build a marketplace within eSTAC to pair investors with settlement service providers.

eSTAC captures investor’s data such as: biography, income level, relocation city, education and more. This translates into white-hot leads for the settlement service providers and, at the same time, guarantees an exceptional customer experience for investors.

By empathizing with eSTAC users and envisioning their needs, I was able to build a marketplace that unlocked a massive new market for NES Financial.

eSTAC desktop platform

Admin Platform

eSTAC provides safe and easy financial administration solutions for the proper stewardship of escrow funds, trust funds, and other funds governed by a legal agreement between parties.


Life at the Top

Today, NESF is the leader in the EB-5 industry, amassing $500 million per year from eSTAC. The software allows thousands of leading banks like Citi and Bank of America to spend more time ensuring the success of their projects, providing all parties unparalleled transparency in a complex process.

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