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FitTrip Fitness App

Over the span of two years, I designed FitTrip – an app that enhances the workout experience through course video synchronized with a heart rate monitor. I enabled users to set their own fitness goals while providing data insights to engage, motivate, and track their performance.

Case Study Highlights

By creating an immersive environment, FitTrip motivated users while simultaneously attaining their fitness goals.

Pairing an engaging interface with correctly served data proved to be a success for workout enthusiasts and gyms alike.

FitTrip was successfully acquired in 2014.


  • Design

  • Mobile

  • Cloud/Web

  • Learning/Analysis


Work It!

How do you get people motivated to work out and sustain that drive over time? Seeking the answer to this question led me to the concept of FitTrip – a fitness app that engages users with video and bio-feedback to make exercising fun and rewarding.

FitTrip initial wireframes


When mapping the app flow, I focused on creating an intuitive way for users to interact with a custom set of workouts and personal goals.


How FitTrip Works

FitTrip syncs heart rate monitoring systems with real course video to change a boring workout into an adventure. It aims to bring an outdoor experience from locations all over the world, giving the sensation of running on the beaches of Cozumel, biking the Tour de France, or hiking up Mt. Everest. As the athlete’s heart rate increases, the video tempo also speeds up. Users can invite their friends to virtually run atop the Great Wall of China as a team, or race against them in the streets of New York. By creating an immersive environment, FitTrip motivates and engages users while simultaneously attaining their fitness goals.

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A user sets a goal to run a mile in under 8 minutes. FitTrip designs a month-long fitness plan based on their current fitness level and zone-based training. Color-coded prompts and voice-based coaching encourages the runner to speed up or slow down, keeping their heart rate in the desired range.

A critical part of FitTrip’s success was giving users a sense of a bigger fitness journey. After each workout, users would receive every bit of data they generated: their average heart rate, their mile segments, calories burned, and how they performed against their competition. This helped gamify the workout experience, while tracking progress.

Data, served correctly, is not only the secret ingredient to get people in the gym, but to keep them coming back.

Business Development

Expanding a Community

I saw potential in a community of sport enthusiasts growing around FitTrip. The next step was to create a marketplace where personal trainers could sell branded video workouts and training regimens. I also enabled doctors to monitor their patient’s workout data to provide them better care. However, the flagship marketplace for FitTrip was in serving critical insights to the people who could use it most – gyms and health clubs.

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Business Development

Life at the Top

There are three goals at the top of any gym’s list: bring in members, keep them happy, and retain them. FitTrip helped accomplish all three at once.

We provided gyms with custom FitTrip subscription plans that could be offered to members. This allowed gyms to pair a communal aspect of a class with the tailored experience of individual attention. An entire spin class could be united in conquering an uphill leg of the Tour de France, while providing custom, catered data for each member.

Using the insights engine within FitTrip, gyms also gained invaluable data on how their facility was performing and what they could improve. They were provided with equipment usage statistics showcasing time, count and demographic information.

The insights engine painted a detailed picture of not only how members used the gym, but also how the gym could serve their members better.



FitTrip successfully interrupted the routine of working out at the gym. Users saw themselves not only winning their workout, but also progressing in their larger fitness journey. Gyms could also benefit with insightful data to see how customers use their facilities. This set us apart from the myriad of fitness apps in the App Store leading to the acquisition of FitTrip in 2014.

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