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Adteractive Digital Advertising

I architected online marketing tools that helped advertisers reach individual consumers. Delivering promotions at the critical moment of the customer’s buying experience effectively increased sales. Proprietary technology established Adteractive as a multi-million dollar business.

Case Study Highlights

Adteractive took online marketing further, by catering customized ads to individual users.

High quality leads increased sales and revenue for advertisers.

Adteractive was successfully acquired in 2008.


  • Cloud/Web

  • Search/SEO

  • Learning/Analysis


Custom-tailored Advertising

In 2006, online advertising was not as expansive and developed as we know it today. At the time, marketing campaigns were trying to define and target entire groups of consumers rather than individuals. Trend analysis was lacking singular user statistics, delivering generic and irrelevant advertisements.

Adteractive was the answer, catering ads to individual users rather than an entire segment. I created key marketing tools that helped foster highly targeted consumer experiences to convert visitors into valuable leads and sales.

Through that channel, we were able to serve new offers for things that users didn’t even know they wanted – converting potential leads into sales

Planning & Consulting

Looking into the Future

Working for Adteractive, I realized that understanding the user’s past is the best way to predict their future choices. By examining their browsing history and habits, we could build a consumer profile and predict the advertisements they would be interested in, displaying only relevant offers.

target audience vs individual users image

By showing only relevant, high-quality offers, we gained user’s trust and established a safe and comfortable environment.

Through observing and analyzing trends, we discovered individual consumer’s current habits and interests. Moreover, we were able to predict which products they could be excited about before they even knew it themselves and convert potential leads into sales.

Business Development

Targeting Users Through Data

After collecting user’s data, we needed a powerful engine that would transform the massive database into valuable information for our clients. I helped to architect and design the Transactional Ad Server (TAS). It examines consumers’ behavior and scores each lead based on the probability of making a sale. The engine allows advertisers to effectively allocate budgets and tailor offers to those consumers.

advertising example targeting individual user based on browser history


Hanna is a yoga instructor who commonly browses for organic foods and drinks. When a new juice-cleansing product hits the market, she is one of the first to see their promotional ad online.

Business Development

It's All About Location

I realized that strategic placement of an offer matters just as much as the content of the offer itself. To capitalize on this idea, I established the AMPP (Adteractive Merchant Profit Program) – which allowed advertising partners to serve “Upsell” offers to their customers for a share of the profits.

purchase confirmation advertisement example

The AMPP solution focuses on the critical moment of the customer’s buying experience – the purchase confirmation. It displays high-converting brand name ‘Thank-You’ offers from partner companies.

For each product offer that was accepted, additional revenue was paid to the eCommerce merchant. The AMPP solution effectively allowed sellers to capitalize even after the product point-of-sale.

Business Development

AMI Platform

To further leverage the Transactional Ad Server, I developed an online marketplace and management portal called the Adteractive Management Interface (AMI). This allowed publishers to connect with advertisers – creating offer pipelines, manage creative workflows, and analyze offer performance all in one platform.

Through that channel, we were able to serve new offers for things that users didn’t even know they wanted – converting potential leads into sales



By creating and managing the Transactional Ad Network (TAN), I helped grow Adteractive into a $70MM-a-year business. The platform attracted several high-value advertisers such as Netflix, University of Phoenix, and Home Depot and publishers such as Google, Yahoo, and Disney. In 2008, Adteractive was acquired by Next Internet Holdings.

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