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AIREX case study AIREX case study

Case Study Highlights

  • Creativity and ingenuity allowed our team to see a road block as an opportunity to solve a problem.

  • We built a product that allows users to purchase information they need in less time, for a drastically reduced price.

  • Focusing on empathizing with a diverse set of users bred success to the AIREX Market.

Case Study

AIREX Market Financial Research

Over the course of three years, I solved a critical problem for financial institutions, vendors, and small to medium sized financial investment professionals. I not only built a financial research e-commerce platform, I built a path to democratize information that was previously reserved for only the top 20 financial institutions.

Threat Equation case study Threat Equation case study

Case Study Highlights

  • Creating a PaaS provided users with control against the latest threats, eliminating a developer’s need to release updates for system vulnerabilities.

  • The AI algorithm I authored allowed new threats to be detected and neutralized automatically.

  • In early 2017, Threat Equation launched an alpha version with v.1 planned for a Q3'17 release.

Case Study

Threat Equation

As a Consultant for Threat Equation, I provided key guidance on cryptosystems, security programming techniques, and code vulnerabilities. I created a strategic roadmap and authored a machine-learning algorithm for threat detection.

1UpWallStreet case study 1UpWallStreet case study

Case Study Highlights

  • Codifying the GSDM algorithm into living code made it available to every investor – regardless of experience or account value.

  • Building a cloud-based subscription site allowed users to interact with the trading model and develop actionable market strategies.

  • In 2016, was acquired in a private deal by a top-tier trading firm.

Case Study


As the technical Co-Founder of, I developed an investing platform and algorithm that modeled trading strategies and automated stock evaluations.

StoreGrunt case study StoreGrunt case study

Case Study Highlights

  • Empathizing with small business owners, I was able to create an online network connecting them with neighborhood clientele.

  • Online storefronts, an intuitive search engine, and a vendor database made hyper-local businesses accessible and easy to find.

  • StoreGrunt provided small shop owners with a set of sales and marketing tools to help manage their business.

Case Study


I established a product strategy and revenue model for StoreGrunt; an online network for hyper-local businesses and vendors. Expanding the app to iOS and Android platforms allowed for sustained user-growth and made StoreGrunt an attractive product for investors and partners.

Versa Climber case study Versa Climber case study

Case Study Highlights

  • Versa Climber went through a modern makeover by adding interactive elements to complement the workout.

  • Pairing the FitTrip fitness app with the Versa Climber provided users with a more effective and motivating workout.

  • Upgrade kits were produced and shipped for over 1000 Versa Climber units.

Case Study

Versa Climber Retrofit

Through an inventive, low cost solution, I was able to bring back the 30+ year old exercise device by incorporating modern technology and building a customized app.

FitTrip case study FitTrip case study

Case Study Highlights

  • By creating an immersive environment, FitTrip motivated users while simultaneously attaining their fitness goals.

  • Pairing an engaging interface with correctly served data proved to be a success for workout enthusiasts and gyms alike.

  • FitTrip was successfully acquired in 2014.

Case Study

FitTrip Fitness App

Over the span of two years, I designed FitTrip – an app that enhances the workout experience through course video synchronized with a heart rate monitor. I enabled users to set their own fitness goals while providing data insights to engage, motivate, and track their performance.

NES Financial case study NES Financial case study

Case Study Highlights

  • eSTAC solved investors' and bank issues by reducing time consuming administrative tasks traditionally associated with the EB-5 process.

  • By empathizing with foreign investors, I saw an opportunity to build a marketplace to pair them with settlement service providers.

  • eSTAC currently generates $500 million per year in revenue for NESF.

Case Study

NES Financial

I built the powerful eSTAC software to streamline the traditionally archaic EB-5 program, while unlocking a massive market for my employer, NES Financial.

iShares case study iShares case study

Case Study Highlights

  • The suite of BGI tools I built afforded novice investors more informed decision making.

  • In designing an optimal user experience, I was able to empower users to build their knowledge base of the financial market.

  • In June of 2009, Barclays sold BGI to Blackrock for tens of billions of dollars.

Case Study


I designed a suite of financial investment tools for Barclays Global Investors that opened their stock management platform to a new group of users – novice shareholders. Supplying iShares with analytical features and an intuitive UX allowed beginner traders to learn and make more informed, conscious decisions.

Adteractive case study Adteractive case study

Case Study Highlights

  • Adteractive took online marketing further, by catering customized ads to individual users.

  • High quality leads increased sales and revenue for advertisers.

  • Adteractive was successfully acquired in 2008.

Case Study

Adteractive Digital Advertising

I architected online marketing tools that helped advertisers reach individual consumers. Delivering promotions at the critical moment of the customer’s buying experience effectively increased sales. Proprietary technology established Adteractive as a multi-million dollar business.

VeriSign case study VeriSign case study

Case Study Highlights

  • Identifying Elliptic Curve Cryptography as a solution proved to be more efficient while providing the same level of security as the RSA algorithm.

  • I helped establish a working group and steering committee to plan for ECC’s future adoption.

  • VeriSign became the first NIST-certified ECC certificate provider with full Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) chain.

Case Study


While Product Manager for VeriSign's Advanced Research Group, along with the National Security Agency, I evangelized and integrated a next-gen cryptosystem for all users of the internet to efficiently secure online data.

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