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Hi, I'm Nikhil Patel

Over the course of my 10+ year career, I have designed and enhanced products with a defining strategy and vision. I have driven innovation, fostering business growth through superior product management.

About Nikhil Patel
Nikhil Patel

Expertise & Knowledge

AIREX, Inc. | 2014 — Present

Head of Product Management and Strategy

Led the design, strategy, and product teams responsible for the Financially Actionable Information and Reports Exchange (AIREX™), Airex’s cloud-based service providing the first and only independent marketplace for Financial AIR™, applications, and actionable insight for investors of all types.

The Farishta Fund | 2007 — Present


Created an angel investment group focusing on seeding projects in emerging technologies such as biotechnology and nanotechnology; managing unallocated funds using a self-designed programmatic stock-trading algorithm and a neural network to help the algorithm learn and evolve.

CryptoKnight Consulting Service | 2004 — Present


Providing crypto- and security-related implementations for clients requiring Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) hierarchy, encryption/decryption workflows, blockchain technologies, and migration from RSA to ECC certification technique.

Threat Equation | 2016 — 2017

Strategic Solutions Consultant

Formulated a multi-layered product strategy and feature roadmap for Threat Equation, a cloud-based security monitoring and risk mitigation service for developers to secure their web and mobile apps from the inside-out. Additionally, authored a machine learning algorithm for the threat detection engine and provided guidance on cryptosystems, security programming techniques, and fundraising.

1UpWallStreet | 2014 — 2015

Co-Founder and CTO

Architected and implemented an interactive, cloud-based stock modeling and trading platform based on the Growth Supply and Demand Model (GSDM), allowing investors to either mirror or have the GSDM manage their investment portfolio and accompanying integration API to seamlessly interface with popular research and trading systems such as Bloomberg, Advent, PFG, and more.

StoreGrunt | 2014 — 2015

Strategic Solutions Consultant

Established a product strategy and business development strategy for Store Grunt, a mobile app for hyper-local sellers to establish an ad hoc social network and digital storefronts to sell their wares, connect with customers, and manage customer relationships. Redesigned user interface and user interaction workflows, expanded feature set to include commerce infrastructure tools, drove investment and fundraising efforts, evangelized customer growth initiatives, and populated a pipeline of potential partners and sponsors.

VersaClimber | 2014

Strategic Solutions Consultant

Prototyped a telemetry and sensor array and wireless communications device using low cost, open source hardware to retrofit VersaClimber fitness equipment to provide advanced user metrics, goal-based workout routines, and connectivity to an accompanying mobile app to schedule, record, and share workouts and workout data.

FitTrip | 2012 — 2014

Co-Founder and VP of Sales, Marketing, and Product

Developed innovative fitness app (and accompanying cloud infrastructure) allowing users to turn their cardio equipment into a passport to travel the corners of the world. Through an immersive video experience, users are able to hike the Patagonia mountains, bike the Tour de France, or run Bolder Boulder all from the comfort of their own gym using their heart rate as the throttle. Achieved a successful (7-figure) exit in 2014.

NES Financial | 2010 — 2012

Product Management and Business Development Consultant

Designed and oversaw the implementation of the eSTAC Subaccounting System, a SaaS app enabling banks to extend their core systems with virtual subaccounting and grew the business around eSTAC by establishing a solid pipeline of new customers from banking, legal, and other sectors.

Barclays Global Investors | 2008 — 2010

Product Manager, Global Data Group

Led the design and development of the data architecture and web services platform to syndicate Barclay’s iShares ETF and iPath ETN investment fund data and built several internal and customer-facing tools utilizing the syndication platform such as fund fact sheets, fund screeners, and portfolio management tools.

Adteractive | 2006 — 2008

Product Management and Business Development Consultant

Managed the Transactional Ad Server, an analysis engine that examines the behavior of consumers and scores each lead based on the probability of making a sale, allowing advertisers to effectively allocate budgets and tailor offers. Organically grew a new division (the Transactional Ad Network) to $70M around this product with initial clients including Yahoo, Google, Blockbuster, and Home Depot.

Verisign | 2002 — 2005

Product Manager, Advanced Research Group

Researched and created proof-of-concepts and collaborated during implementation efforts for pioneering technologies such as Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) and Open Authentication (OATH) initiatives.

Stanford University

Certificate, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Certificate, Advanced Project Management

Santa Clara University

MS, Computer Engineering and Engineering Management
BS, Computer Science and Mathematics (Minors in Physics, Biology, and Finance)

Skill Set

Expanding skills and competencies is necessary in an ever-changing technology sector. My passion and expertise in the following categories has led to an array of successfully developed products.


Adobe CS, Sketch, InVision, Balsamiq

Related Case Studies


Android, iOS, Titanium, Kendo, PhoneGap


AngularJS, Meteor, Node, RoR, Wordpress, Amazon AWS & EC2

Hardware Prototyping

Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Autodesk, Makerbot


Lucene, ElasticSearch, Google Analytics, Marketo, Adobe Analytics


TensorFlow, H2O, R, OpenNLP, NeuralNet, Hadoop

Ready to take the next step?

I’m always looking to collaborate on interesting projects with amazing people. Please feel free to get in touch with me to discuss your next venture.