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Ideation service


Innovator & Investor

Creativity, ingenuity, and the satisfaction of building cutting-edge products is my personal motivation. Leveraging my experience with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, I have developed key relationships with influential technology companies, bank executives, investors/VCs, and scientific researchers.

Plannning Consulting service

Planning & Consulting


Whether it's consulting or planning, strategy is at the core of my skill set. I'm a hands-on team leader who strives for out-of-the-box solutions that amplify efficiency.

Product Management service

Product Management


I'm a firm believer that true understanding of a product comes from the granular details within the technology it is built on. For over 10 years, I have continued to develop my portfolio of tools and software to determine the best solution for a particular problem.

Business Development service

Business Development


I create value and spur growth for the firms I work with. By pairing my unique track record with technical knowhow, I have the experience and capabilities to expand your product offering to new markets.

Case Studies

Nikhil is bright, hard-working, and generous of spirit and friendship. He possesses a great talent for technical problem-solving. He makes a great founder in his speed, breadth, aptitude, and demeanor. I learned much from my time with him.

Shane Schieffer

CEO, FitTrip

Nikhil is singlehandedly the best “first three employees” a startup could hire. He has a good eye for identifying solvable challenges in a given market. These skills are backed by a strong sense of teamwork, and a can-do attitude, all of which makes Nikhil a fantastic asset for any entrepreneurially focused technology team.

David Zwiefler

Lead Content Marketer, D+H

Nikhil has a 100% can-do attitude - and the skills, talents, and abilities to back it up. Want it done on time and professionally, with the best teamwork? Nikhil's your man.

Stephen Kuhn


I would consider Nikhil's top strengths to be creativity, technical aptitude and a strong desire to learn. Throughout his time here at Verisign Nikhil's contributions to our product base was far beyond simple improvements and projects. His suggestions to develop ECC certificates to replace their RSA counterparts showed his ability to think outside the box and to understand complex technologies and ideas.

Kandasamy Muniasamy

Director, VeriSign

What impresses me most about Nikhil are his leadership qualities and his growth over the last few years. Given the global presence of Barclays’ facilities and the frantic pace of my position, Nikhil spent the better part of his tenure at Barclays with no direct supervision. To think he was able to accomplish so much and make such a positive difference speaks volumes to his character and resolve.

Jet Lali

Managing Director, Barclays Global Investors

A few words about me

Over the course of my 10+ year career, I have designed and enhanced products with a defining strategy and vision. I have driven innovation, fostering business growth through superior product management.

Ready to take the next step?

I’m always looking to collaborate on interesting projects with amazing people. Please feel free to get in touch with me to discuss your next venture.